Automatic Chicken Drinker Waterer with 6 drinking points

Automatic Chicken Drinker Waterer with 6 drinking points
Our Drinkers and Feeders, mount on almost any wall, fence chicken wire, easy to move when needed with one hand.
AUSTRALIAN MADE from virgin PVC-U Plastic Piping and Components (Not the cheaper stormwater piping).
Aesthetically unobtrusive, functional to a tee they will make the watering and feeding of your flock a breeze.

Our Chicken Nipple Drinkers are 100% maintenance free.

Why Drinking Nipples? We chose Drinking Nipples over Lubing cups as the later invariably need to be cleaned and rinsed out from time to time as they collect silt from the dust, pineshavings and dirt of coops and run area's as our aim is to minimise the time taken to maintain equipment.

It's not just our opinion Read What the Chicken Vet is saying! :
"As a vet, I recommend that everyone raising hens change from open water sources to nipple drinkers....the hens get plenty of water, and the disease reduction is so striking that there is no doubt which is better."
~ Dr. Mike Petrik, DVM, MSc, The Chicken Vet.

  • Unique H design concept that incorporates 2 storage towers.
  • Quick Mount Hooks that makes it easy as to install with one hand - Hang on many types of fencing and enclosures such as Banksia fencing, Chicken coop wire or simply drill 10-14mm hole into any flat wall surface up to 8mm in thickness
  • No Maintenance required for the drinkers as we use the Highest Quality Nipple Drinkers that last years of use inside and outside the coop
  • Simple to use plug in a Garden Hose connection to the automatic drinker and off you go you'll bea ble to do what you want, knowing your chickens have access to plenty of fresh water that is automatically topped up as they use it.
  • Fully assembled and tested simply unpack.
  • Minimises water spillage in the coops keeping coops dryer than traditional water drinkers.
  • Easy to add nutrients, worming or other wate based additives simply open the lid and add it to their water using the appropriate dosage (Take note of water level and additive instructions in this regard).
  • Our automatic waterer is prefect for both Backyard Poultry and larger flocks and can be custom implemented for larger hobby or Farm Poultry use.
IDEAL FOR 8-18 Chickens combined with Automatic timer that tops up the drinker at least twice a day this unit can easily feeder many more chickens than this.
Dimensions: 90mm x 290mm x 990mm Water Nipples 130mm apart for easy access by your flock.
Capacity: Over 8 Litres of water
Shipping Weight: 2.4Kg

5 Year Warranty: We are so confident on our Automatic Drinkers that we offer a 5 Year Warranty on the Inlet Mechanism that regulates the water evel inside the Weekend Waterer.

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